Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Things that make me feel renewed

this is a list of things i love doing too make me feel like i have been kinda renewed? its the strange little things in live that just make you feel really refreshed! and 'renewed'

  1.  Cleaning: i adore cleaning! but once the whole flat is clean, it just makes you feel really happy and refreshed! 
  2.   hot shower: there is nothing better than the clean feeling when youve been cleaning all day or out in the 'realworld' 
  3. new clothes:   I love getting in new pijamas! or legging and a nice new top, it just makes you feel more happy cos you have alittle bit more too work with! 
  4. CLEAN BEDDING:! yep cap's i lovee this more than anything in the world! lol, 
  5. I know this sounds strange but reading a book and finished it getting a new book and just starting too get too know the new people in the book
  6. freshly washed hair
  7. new candles
  8. cleaning out all your clutter!
  9. fresh new candle! 

 whats your favorite way too feel renewed?

lots of love.


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

beautty tag || #2

Hello! ealry blog post today! im not sure if i have done this beauty tag before so though i would do it! 
 Is your hair naturally curly or straight?
Naturally straight. 

What is your natural hair colour?
dark gingery brown (strange too explain)

Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon?
i did do it myself but im growing it out atm
 How often do you wash your hair?
four  times a week. I hate washing my hair :(

Do you wear the same style every day or change it?
depends how my hair feel that day

Do you do your own mani/pedi or go to the salon? 
i dont really paint my nails or go too a salon, i love the bare look

How often do you change your nail polish?
i dont really wear polish anymore, but if i do i wear clear lol! so dangours

Do you polish your toes in the winter or just the summer?
All year round! i do taekwondo and have my feet out so i like them pretty

How long does it take you to do your make up?
10 mins

What do you do first - face or eyes?
Do you 'collect' make up or just buy what you need when you need it?
not really

How often do you wear false eyelashes?
ive never wore them!

Do you do a full face of make up every day?
never wear full makeup, just use my mac mascara and little concerer

Do you wear make up when you are home alone/with family?

Will you leave the house without make up?

How many high end products do you have?
  a few

How often do you wash your make up brushes?
i dont, i only have one and thats just for concerer

Do you plan your OOTD every night or decide when you're getting up?
every night

How often do you change your handbag?
depends if i have a new one

What time do you get up and go to sleep?
deprends really

How often and when do you work out?
twice a week normaly but cos im poorly

Left handed or right handed?
Right handed.

How tall are you?

Do you speak a foreign Language?

 How often are you on Blogger?
i try too everyday very hard atm

Do you read the comments on your posts?
Every comment! and i always reply.. dont want too be one of them blogger who think there too good for there readers

Do you keep a list of products to try as you read other blogs?
not really

How did you come up with your blog name?
yep! ive done this tag oopes! 'some person in a charity shop said aint that a pretty little teacup :L so yeah thats how lol

What kind of camera do you use for your photographs?
my phone and my nikon

What is your favourite colour?
i dont really no :/ i used too have lots, but i do like pastle colors

What is your favourite beauty/fashion magazine?
company derr ;);p

Do you swear?
not really unless im angry

What are you doing for the rest of the day?
shopping later got no food in the house 

lots of love.

Things to do this winter

Hello my darlings! hope you all okay! im cuddled up in bed with some walm vimto, waiting for the pain killers too kick in and have what seems like more sleep, so as im writing this i have a hot water bottle and a walm drink which made me have alittle idea for a fun post for the winter months  so lets get too the fun stuff!! 

1. Cuddle up with a nice cup of tea/hotchocolate, and your favorite dvd or book! maybe even try some of these yummy recipys! 

2. Bake lots of yummy treat! and maybe even rap them up all pretty and give them out as little winter gift's ( or just eat them yourself hehe )

3. Find some xmas sales and stock up on treats/pressys for people, there are lots of shops that you can go too that have discount all year round that you can just got too a nab amazing pressys!  OR keep your pjs on and do it online!

4. Mail a handmade card too a family/friend and make it all xmasy wintery

  5. Have a holiday! yep! go somewhere warm! who needs winterrr? have a walm xmas on the beach with a bbq!!  :p
i can dream carnt i lol!

6.  A movie marathon

7. Holiday craft fair

8.Make a winter journal
9. Go for a winter walk when it snowing
10.  watch frozen and go build a snow man!

Theres so many i can think of but i would be going on forver!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

90 Tag!

                                             The Questions  are:

1. Favorite TV show?  Saved by the bell!!!

2. Favorite Toy? more than likely the Trolls, them stick on earling thinys that were just stickers lol! pogs! omgosh!!!

3. Favorite Commercial ? Crayola did some fun ones?

4. NSync or Backstreet Boys? Backstreet boy!

5. Weirdest Fashion Trend? I LOVED THEM! jelly shoes, sketchers, denim and baby g's

6. Favorite Collectables ?  Trolls and beanie babys! and pogs!

7. Favorite Beanie Baby ? there was a elephant one i adored!

8. How many Tamagotchi's did you go through? wow!! tooo many lol i once had one alive for a month i was dead happy lol

9. Favorite Game Console + Game?  Atari

10. Favorite Disney Channel Original Movie?  thats so ravon! and the something sister??? comment if you no which one i mean really cannot remember thattt?!

11. Favorite Music Artist? bewitched!! spice girls

12. Favorite Nick Jr. show?  Sabrina the teenage witch and  Clarissa explains It All

13. Favorite Candy? ring pops! and push pops

14. Favorite Game (Board game, School game, etc.)?  Hand Games! i loved them!

15. Favorite McDonald's Happy Meal Toy? they did like theese Barbie toys like fairys and stuff? was that 90?

16. Favorite Book? goosebumps !!! i loved the show too

17. Favorite Clothing Store? i really dont remember lol!

18. What would you watch when you'd get home from school? goosebumps Sabrina the teenage witch and  Clarissa explains It All,  byker grove soo much!

i tag you 90's kidd!

lots of love.

sorry || what going on.


hello, august is nearly over, which mean so is summer! im sorry too say it. 
i just like too say im sorry i have been a really poo blogger, but its been so hard too blog the days have just been going very fast, with all the sleeping ive done, it only felt like yesterday i did my last post but it wasnt! as you no my health is been very bad, and it very scary what's been happening, my left ear keeps going d i cannot here anything other than i high buzzing sound, and using the laptop has been very painfull for my eyes, but i will be going too the doctors too discuss maybe having sinus surgery, they say it can be very helpfull for somebody with constent blocked sinus so i will keep you all posted, please dont unfollow me for the lack of post, i really am trying my hardist!  i promise i will be a better blogger soon
lots of love.

richard attenborough

Yet anotherr favorite actors dies! r.i.p richard attenborough, you rocked in miracle on 34th street one of my most favorite christmas films ever! and also jurassic park — feeling sad. :(

lots of love.

Friday, 22 August 2014

lovely questions.

MAKING: a sketch book atm.. photo's will be up soon

COOKING nothing!  not really had a hungry feeling the last week, with me being poorly which has made me lose half a stone.. oopes :/

DRINKING walm vimbto

READING   the woman who went to bed for a year

WANTING too sleep lol! but been sleeping for 24 hrs already

LOOKING at sketch ideas

PLAYING  music? :p  .... Papa roach: scars

 DECIDING if i have the wrong kind of people close too my heart :(

WISHING that   i could have a big massive takeaway and not feel sick lol! i feel kinda hungry but not?

ENJOYING the couch bed being out in the living room while poorly ooopes

WAITING for the medication too start working

LIKING  that winter is coming eee!

WONDERING  if it going too snow for xmas again!

LOVING  winter hahah!!! ... lol all the walm cosy clothes that have started coming in at all the shops in my town!!

PONDERING weather to watch a film or not,, i need too wear earphones as tommy playing his ps4 and hes quite nosy BUT! it hurts my ears with this infection booohooo

CONSIDERING too make a brew

WATCHING nothing

HOPING that she would just leave him alone!

MARVELLING at cat illustrations on google

NEEDING to stop worring about other people

SMELLING nothing! wahahahahaa

WEARING fluffy panda jumper with some unicorn shorts lol! trendy me haha

FOLLOWING +FunForLouis he makes me laugh and lives the life i wish i could live! he travels all over the world!

KNOWING i can beat depresstion!!!! i can!

FEELING sleeeepy

ADMIRING my beautiful kitty who is sleeping at the side of me

SORTING out my xmas list! yes iknow im so keen!! eeee excited though

i tag you too do this very nice questions <3 

lot of love, xoxo

Thursday, 21 August 2014


i though i would do a quick and easy blog post, while my head seems too be less thuddy! yep im ill again! this time with chronic sinusitis! and this cold weather isnt helping really lol.

so... i thought i would do a must have essentials/tips! i have saw this on a few of my baloved blog's atm so i though i would share with you some of mine!! 

Walm pj's or onesie!

i adore the pjs they have started doing atm for the cold weather coming in! eee kinda makes me excited. heres some of my favoritess



nothing like a fliffy 'ugg' boot slippers too make your feet feel like your walking on marshmellow fluffy clouds here is some of my favoritess



there is so many more that i adore that started coming out but it not quite there so no xmas jumpers just yet


walm walking boots are a must need! iknow you see cold and you think ooooh ugg boots BUT when it snows your feet will get so cold and wet you will be poorly!!

 i adore biker boots for the winter too as they always have a good grip!


 Fluffy socks!!

i adore them more than any sock out there!! as im writing them i have some fluffy black knee sockys on, who doesnt like there? there even good too go skidding across you wood floorr ;) 

Fun stuff!! 

hot chocolate
nice bath/shower things
lots of nice food

Monday, 18 August 2014

Deeeper than deep.

Little bit about it..

i watched it! the faults in our stars! the movie, omgosh i cried at the book, but the film the film! that was another thing, when you read a book, and your imagination put a picture i your head, and when you watch the film of the book and its NOTHING like you imagination picture it makes you feel so strange but the film was amazing! SPOLER ALERT, when they go in the secret annex and shes struggling too breath but still going up all the stairs, but shes didnt no that gus's cancer had come back and it was killing him, and he was wearing his 'deathsuite' when they go on the date, and it makes you think did he get it cos he was dying, he said he got it when he was dying the last time? but he would have been a differnt size weight etc. so did he get it cos he was dying again? wow the list is endless they did leave alot out of the book, but then made some parts of the book film amazing and when you are putting your imagination in when they go too Amsterdam too see van houten and he turns out too be just a drinken jerk, well in the film, the pain and the frustration in there faces made the whole story much more real and just how i imaginad it, in his scruffy pj drink whisky with his fan mail everywhere!!! and it made you want too just jump in too the tv and kick his ass!! ... and when she get the eulogy augustus had written for her at the end of the funeal, and when she went home and cryed her eyes out, this broke my heart intoo a milllion peices!! 

real life

watching somebody die from lung cancer is horrrible thing, i have just been witnessing this, the last couple of months with one of my close friends and he lost his life also.. it just makes you think that life, is for making the most of it, it may sounds stupid but it inspired me too life more, and spend time with the people that matter more than anything, life is worth lifeing! weather you have depresstion or other things in your life! grab it by the b*lls and think nope i will beat anything life frows at you! like they say pain is meant too be felt just inprase the inevitable and smile .. sorry if this post was a blobbering mess and disaster this is what happens when you let a verry hormonel girl watch a film with lots if heartach..  my heart has beem ripped out and filled with emptyness..

okay?.. OKAY 

if you would like too read my book review on it.. click here

 >> Readme..

Life is a rollercoster

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Quite sunday

Today isnt going too be a big post, im just having a very quite sunday, i didnt go too bed till 6 this morning, i have had a very bad routine and trying my hardist too stay awake all day! omgosh what a bad idea, but i need doctors tomorrow and i have a funeral thrusday, jeeeez just one night can turn you up side down, so this is what ill be getting up too..

Favorite sweetiess: 
 i adore this jelly beans so much i love all the different flavories you get! nomnom

Book im reading:
just started reading this and ive nearly read it, i adore it so far! look for a review soon

Cat cuddles:
I adore these two little babas louie wouldent keep still for a photo so have a sleepy oreo! bless 

ill try remembering the name for you soon its a japanesse name soo lol

Hope you have a nice sunday lots of lovee xxxx

Friday, 15 August 2014

Teen | Help.

When i hit 13, i felt the most emotional teen in the world! and i didnt no why i felt like that, so in this post i thought i would help all you teen's who are struggling with things from friends, school, problems the lot! im not saying that i am the teen angel and can fix all your problems but i have been there and can help you alittle! 

Body change:

wow! this is a big one aye? when you become a teenager your body changes in so many ways!  (its happing too eveybody else, your not the only one feeling bad/strange) opening up too somebody is normaly the best thing you can do, find somebody you feel like you can talk too they are more than likely wanting somebody too talk too about the same problems your having give each other some tips and advice so you aint feeling alone.


they just come outa no where! one min you are wearing a cute little
vestop then you start getting bigger you feel so ashamed/enbarrasted you cannot hide them! i tell you now! YOU WILL LOVE THEM! they make you the person you are, so grow bigger than others or smaller, me my were smaller than alot of my friends, and i did really wounder why and it did upset me but there was a reason behind that, HORMONES! (yep them horrible thing that tend too jump in at the wrong time) but they do grow so dont worry if there big or small they are still there and make you beautiful!

Body hair:

your not a kid anymore you are going too start getting hair in places you would never dream of hair being! you will feel strange it just means your growing up dont worry about it, its happening too every girl and boy your ages :) 




this one is a very scary thing, the first time you start your period is the most confusing stressfull times of your little teen life, you feel like a rollercoster going up and down your mood swings are everywhere you feel like there is nobody who understand's you, 


  • carry a pad with you all the time and if you find it embarrassing the pop it in a makeup bag or alittle side pocket in your bag that nobody will see
  • when your period ends you will still get browny colored blood still wear a pad and dark pants just too be sure it over
  • if you are cought with out then just pop tissue there and go too your nurse they will have one you can use, and then after always carry one with you orr write a period diary sounds silly but it really does help
  • if you get cramps dont worry just pop too the nurse or take some femidom which helps amazing, just tell you teacher you need too pop too the nurse a you have a headache that way you dont need too tell the whole class




the butterfly feeling! oh boy i remember my first one!! eek i though that i was going too marry him and told everybody i was in love! bless!! but this is still a strange time, and the emotions and the crying if he doesnt like you, you have too try and move on i know its hard but girl there better crush in the cup! find somebody else, who know they might like you back and be your husband forver! hehe 

first kiss:

oh this one is a cute topic but very scary too right?!  TAKE YOUR TIME! you really do not have too rush intoo this, even if your friends have all had theres doesnt mean your not pretty or nobody likes you, maybe the other person is shy too? maybe tell him you like him? scary iknow but how are you gonna find out :) and wait for it too come  soo do it when its right and when you both feel ready for it.




oh sometimes you feel so angry when they tell you that you have too come in when you are having the best time with you friends or with your date. or they walk in on you in your bedroom, tell you too clean up.. this is them just getting you ready for when you grow up and have your own children, they really are only telling you this becouse they really do care, i though that my parent were just there too mess my life up and there just too be embarrassing! they aint! i promise you, i wish i could of told my youngerself the same thing.

Help with feelings:


  1. Write a diary 2. blog 3. talk too a friend who is going through the same things. 4. read the internet.. <3

     dont wish too grown up! these are the years you learn too be who you are and the shape of your adulthood


    i really reaaaally hope that i helped in some way too make your teenage life alittle bit bettter. you dont have too feel depressed/scared alone, lots of love xoxox