Sunday currents

  • reading: Nothing atm to busy with college 
  • writing:  Todo stuff for college its the deadlines coming up eek 
  • listening to: the cats fighting 
  • thinking: About dealines 
  • smelling: Nothing atm
  • wishing: for hope that i pass my work lol worked really hard 
  • hoping: for a pass
  • wearing:  One of tommys long t's and my shorts 
  • loving:  My new blog theme!!! 
  • wanting: For bed time sleepy! 
  • needing to: Fine clothing for college 
  • feeling: Shittty
  • clicking The mouse and laptop keys.

  • reading: the watchers 
  • writing:  stuff in my planner for next week
  • listening to: tommy talking on ps4 
  • thinking: my poorly eye
  • smelling: nothing :((
  • wishing:  to feel better haha 
  • hoping: for this bug to go away!! 
  • wearing:  my diney bambi pjs
  • loving: the fact ill be eating ramen later 
  • wanting: for fooooood
  • needing to: sleep
  • feeling: poorly
  • clicking The mouse and laptop keys.

  • reading: blogs!
  • writing: cheak list for tomorrow
  • listening to: the match! 
  • thinking: about tomorrow!
  • smelling: bleach :X
  • wishing:  i had natural red hair!
  • hoping: its nice tomorrow
  • wearing:  Scruffy clothes (bleaching my hair)
  • loving: getting shortlisted
  • wanting: for my hair 56 mins too go
  • needing to: pack
  • feeling: excited
  • clicking The mouse and laptop keys.

  • reading: Paper town's cant seem too finish it :/
  • writing:  this 
  • listening to: how long will i love you
  • thinking: why do i always do these tag's late at night
  • smelling: cinommon stick
  • wishing: for the nice weather too come back
  • hoping: for sun
  • wearing:  my pug pjs from tommy
  • loving: all my new presents 
  • wanting: for bed
  • needing to: take naproxen
  • feeling tiered 
  • clicking The mouse and laptop keys.
  • reading:  Paper town's (review soon) 
  • writing:  this 
  • listening tonothing
  • thinking: im tiered 
  • smelling: sweet garden pea
  • wishing: nothing quite happy
  • hoping: that my cold goes 
  • wearing:  massssssssive tshite and pj pants
  • loving: all my new presents 
  • wanting: for my birthday
  • needing to: go sleep!!
  • feeling tiered 
  • clicking The mouse and laptop keys.

  • reading:  Paper town's (review soon)
  • writing: Todo list for tomorrow's manchester trip
  • listening toThe boy's play fifa
  • thinking: That i have too wash this hair dye of soon
  • smelling: Hair dye
  • wishing: That i didn't have so much stuff todo
  • hoping: The journey tomorrow is okay
  • wearing:  massssssssive tshite and pj pants
  • loving: My new cup
  • wanting: For tommy too give me is washing
  • needing to: Sleep
  • feeling Okay
  • clicking The mouse and laptop keys.


READING:  A couple of new blogs i found roaming the internet ill do a post on that soon! 

WRITING: Been writing codes and html for this new blog layout. more too come on it yet!

LISTENING: Tommy talking too our scotty friend

THINKING: About all the money i have too spend soon! on xmas ohhh be goooo lol

SMELLING: Apple and cinnamon candle mmm!   

WISHING: About snow lol! can tell that its on its wayyyy

WEARING: Pjs and a high top bun

LOVING: Everything! lifes going really good atm! 

WANTING: to buy the things I’ve been eyeing up for people for xmas

FEELING: Really calm and happy but sleeeepy

CLICKING: The keyys on my laptop

19/01/2014 14:42
  • reading: the hobbit again.
  • writing: blog idea's.
  • listening to: Ellie Goulding - How Long Will I Love You.
  • thinking: that i should really go have a shower and go bed.
  • smelling: nothing still full of the flu.
  • wishing: that some people would stop being stuck up.
  • hoping: im better for tomorrow.
  • wearing:  massssssssive tshite and pj pants with penguins on.
  • loving: my new blog theme.
  • wanting: for bed.
  • needing to: sleep.
  • feeling Tired lol.
  • clicking The mouse and laptop keys.

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