Thursday, 25 April 2019

~The time my life changed forever

So here is a story of a cat named Louie. He’s was a black and white tuxedo cat I adopted him from a family member and fell utterly in love with him right from the start 💕🐱he would follow me everywhere and even cuddle up with me when I’m sad or sick. Like when I lost the baby he just knew something was wrong he just wouldn’t leave my sight it was like he was telling me something was wrong. 💋  What a cheeky little cat he was he would be sick on my favorite things and even once I had to tell my teacher my cat was sick on my homework wow what a funny thing that was lol! He was my best friend and we were inseparable. 💕💕

The day my life changed forever! 

So on Tuesday 16th of April after turning 18 in April 1st he started acting very strange not wanting to come near use and not washing his tummy started blowing up very big and was being sick I thought nothing of it I thought he had eaten something out of the bin like he is known to do. So I let him rest and made sure he wasn't digging in the bin for ‘naughty food’ but he  just seemed to be getting worse as days went by and it was breaking my heart I just cried cuddling him and so I got my vet friend over just to have a little look at him he said he seemed okay apart from he had found a heart murmur which he didn’t have 5 weeks beforehand so it had creepy up quite fast and he had lost quite a lot more weight. But he will be okay. Then on the 21st he was acting very strange not cleaning himself and just zoning out like he wasn’t there by this point I had messaged my friend a photo of him and he said I need to come to see him ASAP which worried me and when he got her he said sit down. He said I don’t think he’s he is doing very well his heart is failing he’s very weak. And that night we had to make a very big life-changing choose he said treat tonight as his last night I’m not sure he’s going to come out the vets. I felt my heart being ripped out of my body. So that might I got his favorite treats and made him some fresh chicken and let him sleep in his little comforter and cuddled up next to him all night then we phoned the vets where our friend works and asked them if they could fit him in because he was so poorly. They said yeah bring him in and we can have a wee check of him. His appointments as at 2:30 on the 22nd of April which is earth day. We went and got him on his little cat box and took the 40 mins to drive to vets 4 pets and he did the most smelly poop in the car it made us all gaggy and fell sick and on the radio was you don’t have to let it linger by the cranberries it was the most unforgettable moment I’ll ever remember. Bless him. But on the way there he started dying in the car ): which was sad because I just wanted to hug him. We got to the vets and she took him out and had to put him back on while we talked about what was the wrong t with him and how he was feeling. She took one more look at him and that’s when she gave use the choose she can do a test on him to see if it can be helped or to say goodbye so we choose to say good buy 💔😭so she took him to give him a clean because he had pooped all over himself. She brought him back in this little blue towel with a IV in his little right paw and said would you like a couple or minutes with him and  we said yes please and I just cuddled him so tight and sobbed my heart out to the point I had a asthma attack and he cuddled in to me like he was saying goodbye. Was seemed like 4 hours later she can In and I asked if I could give him one last treat she said yes and passed them to me but he didn’t want it he knew what was happening so she said hold him again so I holding him tightly and tommy had his hand on my shoulder and stroking Louie’s head. She put the last needle in his paw and he was gone 4 seconds later he was gone in my arms I cried and cried and she took his little head from my hands and I kissed him one last time in the head a boobed his little nose one last time. She asked if we would like to stay with him again. I said no thankyou and we both burst out in tears our baby had gone  too rainbow bridge 🌈 The drive home was a blur and the last couple of days have been the most hardest thing I have ever gone. I had lost my best friend. I’m sorry this blog post was w very sad one I just wanted to remember ever little bit before I forgot that day forever.  

Here are some pictures from the night before 

And here are the photos of me saying goodbye and sending him on his journey to rainbow bridge 

And here are some photos that cheer me up forever with how beautiful little face. 


I Iove you always fatty man 1991-2019💕❤️

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Sunday currently

Reading: I have been reading a book called lights on the sea I don't know what to make of it yet as I have only read two chapters so far 

Writing: I have been writing a couple of blog ideas today not many but its a start of my blog getting up again

Listening to: by myself by Christian French  

Thinking:  About how blessed I am with the people I have in my life

Smelling Nothing lol 

wishing:  That I can sort out this sleep pattern for my birthday meal Friday

Hoping:  Not to have to take insulin 

Wearing: My nirvana top and bunny pjs and my fuck of socks lol

Loving: My new blog theme

Wanting:  Chocolate 

Needing too: pee lol

Feeling:  headachy 

Clicking: Laptop buttons

five good things a week #6

Having your bestfreind just a call away when you feel like you need to get everything off your chest  and talking on the phone for a couple of hours sending pictures and laughing and giggling 

the chance to do yoga in the same place you live! makes me smile and makes me feel positive 

Having somebody who loves you so much he would do anything for you 



nice food in my tummy and clean clothes on my body! 

this blog! and being able to tell the world about my struggles and it mabe helping sombody else

thankyou for reading ( if there is anybody oooout there ) see you again soon lots of love xoxo

newly diagnosed with type two diabetes

hello, lovelies! so I thought I would have a little catch up!  so the end of 2018 ended very shit! I was newly diagnosed with type two diabetes and I thought it was the end of the world I thought wow this is going to kill me I'm not going to do very well I've seen so many people with this illness and it's killing them day by day! so I went home and had a very bad break down crying for the next week and a half just staying in bed feeling so sad, then my husband sat me down and said babes we have got this you are going to be just fine!

the story behind how I knew I had diabetes I just keep feeling so sleepy all the time and this was on 14 - 16 hours of sleep I was so thirsty all the time I would drink 3 litters of water-juice a day for about 2 years and I just knew that it wasn't good I kept saying to the doctors I think I have diabetes and they just gave that look they know what's right! they would just say its probably just my iron levels which were always up and down so i thought nothing about it and just got on with my life and So i had an appointment about a recurring infection I kept getting, which was that bad it made me so poorly! the doctor that I saw also was one of the best doctors in the surgery who is actually really had to get an appointment with! so i took my opportunity and thought why  not bring up diabetes too her and she said I think that's a very good idea asked me about the symptoms i have been having and said okay its time we tested you for diabetes so she made me the following appointment for blood work and fasting bloodwork I had to have no food for  half a day and the next day I had my appointment they took 3 vials of blood made me feel like shit because I had not eaten or drunk thing other than water in 12 hours, went home and had a brew and some chocolate all happy with myself but I had gone to see a friend with the same thing and she had a glucose tester so I asked her to test me to find out that it was 28.5 which was very very hight! 

the and then the next day I woke up with a missed call and a voice mail from the doctors saying I need to make an emergency appointment straight away! by this time I hadn't even realized that I had this message or miss cal and it was after hours which made me break down thinking I had to be there that day now it's too late! lol, head of an anxious person lol. so the next day I phoned them again and they said that I needed to go in that day so yet again anxiety attacks all around it then go to the time I went to the doctors and there was another doctor there which made me think shit whos this why do I have two doctors in the room that never happened! so she sat me down and said do you want a job I was like huh? she said for collecting autoimmune illnesses? I was like oh I have diabetes don't I? she said yes you do I'm sorry its type two though so not all bad! I just sat there a said I already knew I had it and my husband turned around and said you did didn't you, babes! but my blood work came back dangerously high to the point I needed to do a 3 month NO sugar and come back to see what's going on my diagnoses was in October so I had to go no sugar all the way through Xmas which meant all the traditions were a no :( I felt so alone and upset why did I have to get this immune disorder! I was a mess everybody sat eating chocolate and cakes and I wasn't allowed them because I didn't know where I could get these things from without sugar! so after the 3 months was over,  

so in January after the no sugar what so ever and some light exercises, I had to have yet another fasting and bloodwork after that appointment I had to make another emergency appointment because the no sugar and the exercise isn't working and it is still quite high so I have had to go on metformin which they give to people who need a little bit more help trying to low the levels, this is my second month on this medication I feel so poorly and it's making me feel sick so much! but in the last 6 months, I have gone from a size 18-20 to a 12-14 I have lost over 4 stone! I have another appointment next month to see how the metformin is doing if that's not working I will have to go on the infections of insulin! so pray for me lol, I don't wanna have to go into that form of medication! 

so the last 6 months have been so hard but I am feeling quite positive and happy and ive just been told that I don't need to take iron anymore which has made me so happy because that made me feel like my insides didn't wanna be there anymore haha! so I started yoga 11 weeks ago and that is making me feel so good! and it's helping with my mental health and my muscle disorder! but that another story ;) if you feel like you have diabetes or feel like you think somebody else has please don't be scared to fight with the doctors please get tested for it, there are so many complications from this illness that I would wish I got tested earlier thankyou for reading and please message me if you have any questions :) my email is <3 lots of love lovelies <3 

Thursday, 4 April 2019

five good things a week #5

Brand new pajamas, that feeling when you have a bath and pop your new cloth items on! there is nothing better! 

Waiting for your favorite season to bring out a second season! what have you been watching? they made a part two to my favorite season called the OA and it's so good! it's a strange season to watch as it doesn't make sense till the end but here is a Trailer for ya! (:

Getting back into blogging, I have really missed it, think I just needed that quick kick up the bum, and a little inspiration.  and ive made a new theme and finishing of this little five good things post i started quite a while back! oops sorry 



Meeting up with people you haven't seen in a while and having a good old catch up and buying new clothes and having lots of nice food 

Getting a good clean on! i just love fresh washed house everything is nice and sparkly clean sheets and bedding and everything smells nice and lemoney! 

thankyou for reading ( if there is anybody oooout there ) see you again soon lots of love xoxo

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Sunday currents

  • reading:    w i t ☾ h  by Lisa Lister she explains the history behind witchcraft.  Buy me 
  • writing:  I have been writing all my feelings down in my pretty little notepad, its been really helpful with my anxiety, they say its always good to get them from your heart and chest so that it doesn't turn poisonous   
  • listening toEd Sheeran 
  • thinking:  About the big blog post I've been working on, it's about my anxiety and how i deal with it everyday I'm really nervous about the post so I'm trying to make it perfect before i post it so it's going to be a while till i post it 
  • smelling: coffee just made my babe and me a lovely cuppa 
  • wishing:  for use not to get snow lol! 
  • hoping: For our plans to become a reality 
  • wearing:  Cactus top and tartan trousers and big massive socks 
  • loving: Frankie and grace on Netflix click here  
  • wanting: Sunn!!! for my monkey to feel better he suffers from s.a.d (seasonal affective disorder)
  • needing to: Go have my iron tablet 
  • feeling: Quite happy today 
  • clicking The mouse and laptop keys.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Guess who's back!

Hello! it's been a while? i just don't nowhere the last couple of years have gone, i was busy with college for a couple of years but i had to leave college with health problems! BUT I'm halfway writing that posts its been a little bit of a struggle with me and things have just been so hard.  

 But This year I decided to dive into the world of blogging again, well i decided this after Xmas but things don't always go to plan, do they?! I'm so excited about it! i have so many plans with pretty little teacupp! i even have some special guess posts for you!! I've been following so many absolutely beautiful blogs this year which was a big inspiration for me to start it back up. 

sorry, this isn't a massive blog post! but i promise there is some exciting things coming up! :* stay happy beautiful xxx 

Sunday, 8 January 2017


  • reading: the watchers 
  • writing:  stuff in my planner for next week
  • listening totommy talking on ps4 
  • thinking: my poorly eye
  • smelling: nothing :((
  • wishing:  to feel better haha 
  • hoping: for this bug to go away!! 
  • wearing:  my diney bambi pjs
  • loving: the fact ill be eating ramen later 
  • wanting: for fooooood
  • needing to: sleep
  • feeling: poorly
  • clicking The mouse and laptop keys.

Friday, 6 January 2017


Good Morning, Love's!!!  💕

Yes! I know I don't call I don't write?! it's been such a strange half a year! I don't even know when the last time I blogged was!  I am here this morning to share with you what you have missed really feels like forever! I hope you all had a good Christmas and a happy new year to you! 

so I moved! I started College but this time I'm doing  Art&Design and I'm loving it so much!!  🙂
and I only have about 5 months left till i have done my second year in education! I'm so happy atm, apart from few health issues but nothing too serious ill write a post about it soon!  

I have started my diet again! YES! you guessed it! new years resolution aha! Buttt I feel like I'm on to something here i haven't even touched chocolate for 7 days! feel quite happy with myself even added veg to all my dinners and teas, and drinking lots of water, i do feel better for it but have a little bit of a cold atm so i feel shitty with that! I'll be blogging my weight loss program soon once I've started college again and got back into some sort of normal routine then ill sort the blog fitness out! 

so i should really be in bed my routine has been strange with this flu/cold night night lovelies! 💜💛💚

(ps: i will be changing the theme soon)