Sunday, 26 May 2013

{ This and that }

hello darlings! so how are you all? have you been having fun in the verry beautiful weather?
lets hope we have a really good summer this year full of bbq's and beach's and nice pretty walks! i love this time of year so much, because you get too walk around in pretty dolly shoes and shorts! which is really comfy and pretty and i love the fact that my village is covered with blossom trees! i absolutely adore them! they remind me of anime series where there is lots of beautiful scene's my husby and i went for a walk up the town last week end and he took a photo of me under a blossom tree and its very beautiful i will share it with you after this blog entry. 

 i have been having a little bit of a touch time at the moment and doing alot of soul searching so today i have been getting really calm and cosy too clear my head and focus on myself and sleep i may go to my mothers and have a nice hot bubble bath! as we only have a annoying tint shower in our flat which i hate so much, but thinking of phoning up and trying too see if they will fit one in for me do you ever think back too when you were a child? and how easy life was, and always wishing you childhood away so you could walk in heels where lips stick and go play out with the big kids? well yeah being the 'bigkid' sucks! i want my child hood back, when falling over and scraping your knee or not being able too watch your favourite tv show was all you had too worry about! know you have too worry about if you will have enough money too pay your bills sucky aye.  anyways its very late here of for a shower and then too the land of dreams much love darlings!