Thursday, 23 May 2013

Who am i?

I'm heather im a 27 year old woman from bonny Scotland  Married too the love of my life and best-friend (soulmate) who is in too gaming and taekwon do (like me) we have been together 8 years in november and married 7 years in july, we have too fur babys (cats) called louie and oreo - louie is a 11year old cat who loves nothing better than lying on your head when you sleep! and oreo is a teeny-weeny 9month old kitty who loves nothing better than clawing your favourite tights! .. I love nothing more than Sunday lazys days, and hectic fitness weeks! im a 'unique' kinda girl ( says my husband) i love blossem tree, drawing and pretty photography! yess i have had rough days! and night but hasnt everybody? :) i smile and knock it off my shoulders. i have a best-mate who i adore too death! we have had our bad days and good days but out of every femail i have met shes the one who is still! here thats love right? .. My style is casual and comfy i love nothing better than wearing my favourite leggings and baggy jumper and ugg boots some people may say it boring pretty much buy all of my clothes from peacocks i find they last longerr, then theres nothing better than wearing your pjs when u have had a very busy day of chasing cats, cleaning and fitness :)