Wednesday, 11 September 2013

{ I'm back }

Hello darlings!! Yes iknow! its been a couple of weeks!! its really hard too get in the swing and sticking too blogging im so very sorry! so i thought that i should write alittle post on what ive been up too and what im doing as we speak,

READING-  Just started reading a book called 'a street cat named bob' its about one man and his cat! and how they have little adventures on the streets of London 

WRITING-  I have just started writing down evey little bit of taekwon do stuff i need too learn for september for my next grading! i will be going for my green belt! the tkd instructor thinks im going too do really well and has put me through for grading! so excited  

LISTENING-  I have just found a song called 'Wake Me Up' and its by a guy called tim bergling former none as Avicii !! i love his calming voice and the meaning behind it 'means trying too belong in a world where your not wanted' which too me is quite amazing as im from manchester and moved too scotland and you do feel really unwanted.

THINKING-  Im thinking about alot lately like im on the road too recovery! from depression/anxiety and i really want too try my hardist and try get intoo a job in the upcoming years! will have alot of stress on my shoulders but i feel like im ready too kick anxietys big but! lol

SMELLING- FOOOD! lol ive just made some pasta for tea and the house is smelling really fresh and garlicy, nothing better than making a big pot of pasta and being able too go back when your hungry for a sneaky bowl :P

WISHING- For a nice long sleep tonight? please lol. tommys just started college and i cannot sleep once he gets up at 6:30 and i kinda just mong around being all zombied and tierd lol

HOPING- prioritize what’s more important in my life by geting my head streight .

WEARING- Jeans and a vest-top. going too see my sister and nephew soon, so i shall be adding a warm jumper too my clothes lol! 

LOVING-  How much weight i have lost! its amazing im not sure what size i am atm as im wearing larger size atm as all my moneys going in too taekwondo. so ill keep you posted.

WANTING- To read a lot of books, and just chill in the corning drinking hot chocolate all day? 

FEELING-  Happy that ive made a nice little relationship with my little nephew :)

CLICKING- The keyboard while writing this post! 

I shall try and write again tomorrow! happy blogging xox