Thursday, 3 October 2013

{ C U R R E N T L Y }

  • reading: Still reading a street cat named bob 
  • writing I have been writing an offline diary thats why ive not been posting much felt alittle inscure writing my online thought, ive been getting alot of hate from someone i thought was a friend but oh well scruw her right
  • listening to Passenger - Let Her Go
  • thinking: About saturday and doctors results
  • smelling: Freshly washed pjs <3
  • wishing: Too stop getting my hopes up so much
  • hoping: for a pass at the comp on saturday
  • wearing: Fluffy socks, pjs pants, vesttop, and jumper
  • loving: My new purse!
  • wanting: For bedtime
  • needing to: Get in bed
  • feeling Tierd lol!
  • clicking The mouse and laptop keys