Friday, 4 October 2013

{ Our relationship tag }

1. How old is your husband? 33. 
2. When is the monthsary- every 8th of the month. 
3. Do you guys fight?/Are you happy with him? - Nope! we have never ever had a fight/argument the whole 8 years we have been together yeah i am very very happy with him. 
4. “Do you live together? Your parents, do they know?” -
nope we have our own flat with two adorable cats! well yea i hope they do as hes there soninlaw ;)
5. Where do you live/from?” - we live in bonny scotland! but we are original from sunny manchester! 
6. how long have you been together? - we have been together 9 years in november
7. What do people say about you guys? - I get alot of 'your both so cute together, i want a relationship like yours awe aint you cute etc etc etc  
8Are you planning on having any children together? - Yeah we plan on it at some point, when the times right again we will be trying for baby number 5! we have lost 4 due too m/c and other hormone problems but yeah we will be trying again at some point

I TAG you!!  tag 5 of your best girls and see what they have too say. 

  1. My beautiful LuLu:
  2. My gorgeous JoJo:
  3. The amazing Lolly: 

I will find some more girls soon as i seem too not be able too think of anymore
amazing girls with fella's lol! mybad 

happy blogging. xox