Saturday, 5 October 2013

{ Scottish Closed }

hello just a little update as ive been up since 6:25 this morning for my tagb Scottish Closed, there were 100's of people there today including 250 people competing! including myself and my club! well i am please too say i did my pattern perfect, i came last though as the guy i lost too actually won in yellow belts, i have infact gone up too green belt but i had been practising Dan-gun (21moves) But then at the day got told i have too do Do-San (24 moves) So they let me just keep my old belt and just be yellow belt for the pattern, so that's what i did! :D 

So Tommy story! he Had patterns today and sparring, he didn't past the patterns. He had two fights lost the first one 10.3 but the second he won at 14.4 which is really good as he won yet another sparring medal, he won a bronze again. So we are really happy bunny's but also very tired bunny's.

Out club did amazing today also there was alot of sparring and patterns and alot of medals won so well done too everybody at phoenix taekwondo club!! ill post some photos in the next post so its all in a nice neat place.    
   happy blogging. xox