Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Tag | 10 Things that make me happy.

1. Quotes .i have really been getting happy over the odd quote here and there but lately they have really cheered me up! i have been doing this thing everyday where i got on we <3 it and look up quote of the day just too give myself alittle bit of happyness in a pretty wrote photo. ^_^
2. Cats .of course my cats are my whole world, but there is nothing like a big cuddle from you little fluffy friend! because ive been in rest and really not been able too do much they have been by my side all of the way though my toughy they are so cuddly 
3. TV Shows . Tv Shows make me very very very happy. i have started watch a animia called fairy tale and it is so darn cute! but it does break my heart in parts go check it out?
4. My husband .  My tommy is the person that i see every single day! he makes me smile so much and does cute things too cheer me up like while ive been writing this blog all nerdy with my hair up and glasses on. he goes *clears his breath* and i look up with him holding a cup of tea and a pink and while! he is lovely! I LOVE YOU
5. Stupid Conversation .i love more than anything than too have the most random and silly conversations with the people i love. like me and my bestie have this thing where we just talk in emotions! it makes me smile so much suemoo if you reading this eeeeeeee friday!
6. Spending long nights with family . I love my family so much! we have had alot of birthdays lately so we have had lot of late nights together and little partys and lot of food!     i love my family!  they are so awesome in there own little way! like my little sister anna! shes obsessed with the color of my hair and keeps calling me hevvyred hair beautiful  
7. Photography . Photography has always been a big part of my life from when i was little girl and my grandad always had his head in a photography book of taking random photos of old buildings and it kinda been a love of mine since i can remember really!
8. Blogging . I LOVE BLOGGING  i have started writing blog post down in my agenda too write out intoo my blog it cames me down so much and takes away all my worries for alittle bit i love writing so it a good place too express my passion and feelings too all my wonderfull readers 
9. Food. I LOVE FOOD! cake is one of my favorite things in the whole world. but foood. what. can. i. say. about. you! marry me? i love foood it makes me feel happy when im sad if i have something like chocolate it changes my mood so fast! 

10. Reading. reading is amazing! really makes my head feel all fluffy when i have read a good book!