Thursday, 13 March 2014

Life story || my miscarriage story

this is the first time i have ever been able too write this down other than a post i wrote on my pregnancy forum a couple of years ago, but i thought it was time too share my story with the people on here who have helped me so much so its been nearly 6years.. this is the only photo i have from my pregnancy in 2008, i wasn’t too know that i was 4 weeks pregnant in the photo above (mind the silly pose), was having pregnancy test after another being sick everyday, cramps all sorts, i went too the doctors and had my blood works, only for them too mess me around for a week saying the test didn’t work! so i had too have yet another 4 needles of blood taken, then i was so tired by this my mum went too the doctors for me and ran too my house too tell me i got a bfp (positive pregnancy test) !! i was so happy i cried and cried, i phone the family too tell them we were pregnant! (which i should of left till the clear zone) so the next day we went out out with tommys mum too get his sister and look around the town where they lived  and even to a couple of places too look at baby stuff just too get the feel of what was going too be happening, but i remember my cravings were so so high i felt even more sick then i have done! , and i had the most horribleness pain in my back and tummy i couldn't walk very much after a while it all hit me so fast! and i was walking all around the town before hand and then  i had this really bad urge too wee really badly so we went too my sister in laws house so i could have a brew and a rest too find out i was spotting, i phoned the doctors and had some weird consultation over the phone which really wasn't good for my anxiety anyway, and they told me too go to the hospital by then the spotting had turned really really heavy,  i had a scan, and an internal scan. and that's when they told me there was no heart beat, and on the screen was an empty womb/sack where the baby should have been, she takes me too the other room, where she made me a cup of tea and all i could do was cry and cry and cry, and go threw the waiting room where there was lot of pregnant people and happy people with there scan pictures and worse of all a old friend was there from school she started walking after and i just wanted the whole world too just go, so i just walked of and i remember going too asda to get some oasis and bananas and bread cos my cravings where still there. the rest of the month was a blur. that was the worse day of my whole life i found out i was pregnant on the 10 may and only had two days of this little person growing inside of me until the 12th came and god needed a new angel called lollypop. i never though i would stay sane after what i had gone through, but i was fine after a while and got back to normal but i did
hope that you like my story and if anybody has been through what i have then please message me ill talk too you all day long. lots of love darlings xox