Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Tag || Disney Questions

So first if all i wanna tag my beautiful friend and fairyblogdaughter Lulu @ amummastimeout :)  and any other girlie wanting too do it! please link your post underneath :)

Question One: Favourite Princess
The Little Mermaid! i adore her! and yes that's where i got my inspiration for my hair! 

Question Two: Favourite Prince
The beast! and eric

Question Three: Favourite Couple
areal and eric because my neice calls me and tommy them! 

Question Four: Least Favourite Princess
i don't have one!! 

Question Five: Least Favourite Prince
same as above

Question Six: Least Favourite Couple
snow white and her prince they dont seem very romantic!

Question Seven: Favourite Dress/Outfit
areal wedding dress is adorable! 

Question Eight: Least Favourite Dress/Outfit

Question Nine: Which Princess Inspires You

Question Ten: Worst Decision Made By A Princess
areal!  lol! the wicked sea witch we all new she was evil! (something i would do lol)

Question Eleven: A Villain You Feel Was Justified

Question Twelve: A Princess You Would Like To Trade Places With
rapunzel-  I LOVE HER LONG HAIR! but then again areal cos i hate blonde hair 

Question Thirteen: A Princess Who's Life You Would Hate To Have
areal when she's underrr the sea (8)!

Question Fourteen: A Princess You Think Is A Bad Role Model

Question Fifteen: Favourite Tiara
princess tianas 

Question Sixteen: Favourite Song Sung By A Princess
under the sea - areal

Question Seventeen: Least Favourite Song Sung By A Princess
i kinda like them all

Question Eighteen: The Princess With Whom You'd Be Frenemies
bella! shes is perfect!!!!

Question Nineteen: The Princess With Whom You'd Be Best Friends
areal pleaseee??

Question Twenty: Princess You Would Openly Hate
wow errrm, none? 

Question Twenty-one: The Princess You Would Dress As For Halloween
i already plan on areal but if not book worm bella! 
Question Twenty-two: List 3 Admirable Qualities About The Princess You Named In No. 1
shes beautiful, amazing and just cool!

Question Twenty-three: A Princess You Feel Didn't Deserve Her Happy Ending
everyone deserves and happy ending 

Question Twenty-four: The Happy Ending You Feel Didn't make Sense
beauty and the beast    is that you!!! well durrr you were just stood here!!

Question Twenty-five: Favourite Sidekick
Sebastian and flounder!!!!! wwwwwowo

Question Twenty-six: Most Interesting Story
mulan! she kicks asss

Question Twenty-seven: Best Singing Voice

Question Twenty-eight: The Moment You Find Most Exciting
all of the disney princess films ^.^

Question Twenty-nine: Which Disney Princess Would You Be?
Belle :) i love too read! and wow that libery!! 

Question Thirty: What Do You Want To See From The Next Disney Princess?
dont care ill still watch it :p 

Hope you liked my tag! look farward too reading yours! and as you can tell i am obsessed with areal from The Little Mermaid! <3 have a nice nigh night night xoxo