Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Around my house.

Hello Lovelys!

im sorry i didn't do a post yesterday i had training and then had too come home and cook tea so that left it too late and i was so sleepy i just made tea, watched game of thrones and went too bed how exciting aye? :p so thats why i didn't uplode the around my house im afraid, but this morning after what seemed like hr of cleaning which only turned out too be 30mins! i got my trusted nikon out and took some photos of the favorite parts of my flat! bear in mind i didnt take photos of all the things i have, like the huge boxis that i still need too go through thats full of computer parts that tommy has still got , or all the old diarys i have from growing up and even a mate has some storage here too!

so here it goes hope you like this very differnt post! aand tell me what you think about it and weather i should do more house kinda post? 

So this post is making me alittle anxous cos its so personal but are well ....
Here is where my blogging is done and any other work i need too do
hehe, my living room wont be a {living} room with out my cat's.

 here is my bedroom still need's alot doing too it but theres no point
when ill be moving the end of this year/start of next.

here is my bathroom, its not as nice as i wont it too be but it works
if you add all your stuff around it hehe and i woundent really call it a 'bathroom' cos it has only a shower so i guess its a 'showerroom'.

 and here is my kitchen, its quite big but still quite small at the same time but ayhoo, 
i can still make awesome cakes, and food in there.

and then this is the outside, near the front of the garden i got a new door not long ago, i love it 
cos it brings alot more light intoo the house/hallway.

Hope you likee my little tour around my flat! i will do a new house once we have saved up
and bought our house lot of love lovelys. xox