Thursday, 29 May 2014

Hair Series #1: Messy bun

Hello Lovelys!

So yesterday i was having a verrrry bad hair day! (i washed my hair before i went bed and plated it like you do, and the next day it was hetic curly) so i though im not going too the shop with this frizzbomb i call hair! so i just did my normal frow it up (which my husband hates) but i didn't want too plate it cos that how i got in this problem anyway lol. see image below.

But my friend on the over hand loved it so i told her i would do her a how too, bear in mind this is my first hair how to so hope you like it sweet's xox 
1. Okay first of all get your hair up on top of your head like this and push the hair farwards.

2. Twist the hair and put it in a loop and tie it with a bobble or elastic.

3.  twist the second booble around till you get a messy sort of look

4. your hair should look like this at first


5. start pulling at parts of your hair

 6. even the side parts if you like

 7. then push it all too the top and add a booby pin too the back too give it alittle bit more valum. and you can add a little headband too make it look all pretty and girlie

Then your done! hope you liked my very makeup less fluey how too face lol! 
byebye lovelys <3