Tuesday, 27 May 2014

SoapAndGlory. review

Hello Lovelys!

Hope your all okay? ot really liking this weather atm, but i do love alittle bit of thundring and lighning! just not the rain that comes with it! my poor husbands been coming home soaking wet through! poor thing but i can moan all day about the lack of sun scotland have been having the last couple of days! *sigh*

So i thought i would give you a little soap and glory review?
here we go xox 
 I have just used this bottle up and i am so sad! i loved this so much left my legs and arms feeling so soft and smelling so fab i could eat my self! but i cannot find this anywhere in scotland, i adored this s&g product more than the normal origanal sauces.. i could tell you so much more about rich and foamous! but i only have one blog ;)

Heel genius well as it says on the tin ;) genius!!! this beauty not  just pretty in the tub! is amazing smells is kinda not as nice as the other sandg stuff but works amazing makes my feet feel super soft and feel amazing and fresh and not as cracked on the heel!

I still dont use this as makeup remover i use it as a daily face cleanser, and makes me feel nice and clean as it says lol, smellls amazingggggggg!!! i kinda use it as a mosterizer also ssssh tho haha!

 this instantly polishes my skin and leaves it feel smooth and refreshed, it kinda tingles alittle too much for my liking but does seem all that worth it, & SMELLLS AMAZINGGGGG!!!!!!