Saturday, 10 May 2014

Spring whats in my bag!!

So here you go, my spring bag opend up too you on the internet's! with my new love that's shaped as a bag 💕   i even ditched the little gray bag you can find here

here are the content's of what in my bag! 

  1. Impulse vanila kisses 
  2. Mua light concela 
  3. Vaseline cocobutter
  4. total moisture by benefit  
  5. Cupcake purse ive had forver
  6. Glasses 
  7. Earphones!
Normaly i have my phone and inhaler but i didnt add them back in the bag after i used them
So thats what in my bag!  you can get the bag from peacocks in there 'Springfall Bag section' ?! scotish thing i dont no lol. byebye darlings <3 

Oh ps! expect a over night what in my bag tomorrow. as im going away as a birthday treat with my sister too the coast. <3