Sunday, 11 May 2014

whats in my over night/travel bag/ !!

hello lovelys! as promised here is my over night/travel whats in my bag! i adore these post so much on youtube and i spend hrs on google searching for them! im really not ashamed too say im alittle bit of a nosy moo lol

so lets jump right in too my bag then?

So thats what i have hiding in my overnight travel bag

  1. Impulse vanila kisses 
  2. Mua light concela 
  3. Mascara
  4. Lipbalm
  5. total moisture by benefit  
  6. Cupcake purse
  7. Glasses 
  8. Inhalar
  9. Toothbrush and tooth paste
  10. Hairbrush
  11. Pjs and socks
  12. camara and bag for the day
  13. And hellokitty survicel kit lol

  • Bobble
  • clips
  • tablets
  • little samples 

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