Sunday, 29 June 2014

Hair repair:

Hello  Lovelys!

I though i would share with you the products i have been using the last 3 days! while waiting too go too the hairdressers on monday (tomorrow at 11) and for the kit ill be getting sent out soon from these lovely people! as you know my hair burnt out! and started breaking, and i found out that it was because i may of added too much powder! BUT it didnt say how much too add, and last time it was a different one, so here is what i have been using and how its been working!

1.  i have been using alberto balsam shampoo coconut and lychee
and this:
  • Pampering and nourishing for all hair types
  • Hair smells as good as it feels
  • Infuses moisture and restores shine
  • Gently cleanses
  • Strengthens with pro-vitamin B5

2. John Frieda full repair hydrate + rescue conditioner

and this:

  •  has with inca inchi oil and is rich in omega 3 acid! 
  •  Intense repair's colored and damaged hair
  • Strengthens bleached and burnt hair
  • restore softness and shine

3.   Hair Mist Shimmer FruityTropical

This just add's that little bit of extra shine :) and smells very yummy!!

My hair before..
  • Felt like cotten wool
  • really stringy
  • stuck up everywhere!!

 Hair afterr..