Just explain too you.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Hello lovelys! 
first of all i aint forgotten about you all ive just been feeling really 'down in the dumps' the last day or so, really dont no what caused me too feel like this, so just wanted too day, im still here and still love blogging just having alittle crazy head atm every now and again depresstion makes an appearance and really knocks me back alittle bit, so i just though i would explain too you and just send you my love and happyness, i will be back tomorrow or the next day with some very much plain post but for the time being have some little photos of what ive been up on. xoxo

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2 little love notes.

  1. I love your hair. Mine is never a fun color. I just can't take the plunge lol

    1. aawe thankyou lovely! i was the same for years!! its only this year i thought sack it!! :) xxx