Friday, 11 July 2014


Favourite book? 
The diary of anne frank has got too be my most favorite book of all times! but atm it has too be the fault in our stars i adored every word of john greens book, i would really recommend people too read his book, i have nearly all his books so i shall be doing alot more book reviews

Favourite part of the human body?
 i adore eyes! they are the most beautiful part of the body people say eyes are the window to the soul and i think that that is so true! you can feel the soul when there sad or there happy and they say you can have a happy moment with your soul and a sad? so that is why the soul shines through
Favourite pick-me-up? 
 reading my favorite blogger's really help with a nice helping of icecream
Favourite way of capturing moments  

Writing is one of my favorite way of capturing moments with writing its always going too be there writen in the ink or text you started it as! but i love taking photos on my nikon or my phone they both mean different way, like my camara can take amazing photos like...

and my phone can take photos like...
so as you can tell, if i have either of one of them with my my moments are never a photo away!

Favourite pre-bed ritual?
  i make sure we have a bed time snack like some tea and toast and then have a nice hot shower and get in bed! and sleeep
Favourite site on the entire internet?
youtube! i adore it so much it cheers me up when im upset watching my favorite youtubers
but then its blogger :)
Favourite month of the year?
July! its our wedding anniversey! and this time it will be 8 years!
Favourite object in the room you're currently sitting in? 
My big chair and my big fluffy ugg cover i call him tony cos hes tiger stripy lol
Favourite tunes for before bed?
i have a youtube play list that has ed sheeran in i adore his voice so much makes all my troubles go away! 
Favourite this very moment?
Crunchy roll! its amazing for anima sereis

Favourite not-outta-a-bottle-scent? 
Cinnamon and vanila

Favourite word? 

aawe! lol

Favourite lipstick colour? 
real red by mua
Favourite pick-me-up film? 
wow i really dunno! i just stick on something that will make me laugh and cry so a chick flick or romcom


Lu over at amummastimeout  and angie over at ohdaintyduck
and anybody else who would like too do the favourites tag much love xoxo