Friday, 25 July 2014

Finish the sentence : summer edition.

Hello darlings after being on blog spot today for quite sometime i came across a couple of new blogs and clicked aload of blog buttons and came across alot of these post and though why not? i love reading post like these and things about summer..

The one thing I am looking most forward to this summer 

going too see my family in manchester on tuesday so im quite looking farward too that, its the only thing we have really planned, and that was only today! but looking farward too that and going on little summer day out with my family.

The most annoying person I know is

i have acouple of people iknow who are quite annoying, but not really going too name and shame! ;) unless you know me then i will come moaning too you about them, but i do find loud people on the bus/train annoying while you trying too sleep or read wow wow wowoowowow!! pet hate right there for you.

I would like to meet

 this girl right here she is an amazing girl and an inspiration, and is a good shoulder to cry on when i need my little rants and too talk about the most annoying person i know. Lulu your amazing I Love You' xoxo

After a long day there is nothing better than

Tunning in too your favorite vloggers and blogger and just chilling with a nice cup of tea!!
there really is nothing better.

The most embarrassing summer work uniform I ever had to wear 

i used too work in mcdonalds it was horrible green pants and green top and black hat!! hated it, made me look like a snot ball lol

When I hear my alarm clock go off

                             i cry, and dive back under the covers haha!! and try get longer than i can haha i hate being work up! wahh

My favorite summer exercise

i just love exercise in this weather doesnt matter what it is! i do love yoga and kicks and self defence which is quite cool

When the ice cream truck comes

dont really eat icecream and we dont get one so thats good lol!.

The oldest article of summer clothing I own is

a blue and light blue top i have had for about 10 years! but i adore it! and aint getting rid of it too easy ;)
My favorite thing to grill 

HOT DOGS!!! i just love them nomnom!!! i can just eat about 10 too myself wow they are yummy need one in my life im saddddd!!

The worst summer/date romance I had was

Some biker guy who thought he was amazing! and got a matching ink with his mate omgosh was i drunk all that summer?

My favorite summer drink is 

waterr WATER wAtEr !!
im really boring aye but i just love it lol 

There are times when I wish summer 

cool down please!!!!!

The best song on the radio right now is

i dont really have a radio but there alot of katy perry on the music channels atm so i guess shes summery lol!

4th of July is

After I'm done posting this

watch some youtube and get my bag ready for tomorrows sleep over with my little brother and sister <3

It's not summer until

You get bit by biting flys and you wear you most favorite shorts


Much love'