Friday, 4 July 2014

June's favourites.

First of all It's my monthly favourites time! and second of all where did june go!  i have been loving soo much this month i cannot even believe it lol! i normaly stick too the same thing all the time but had too change alittle bit hear and there so i thought i would do another since there has been a little of a trend on my blog since september :) so then let's hey straight intoo it. 

1. The 100

i have been adoring this series, since 31's of june and i have been hooked! i love a good sci-fi series, and when my family told me about this i was like oooh i need too watch that and got tommy hooked also 

2. John frieda full repair conditioner

This has made my hair feel really soft, but also dislike it makes my hair frizzy really bad! had too straighter it in places, and it smells yummy!

3. Primark ‘PS Love’  Makeup wipes

They are aaaamazing! and you get a set of two for £1 and they wipe of my lip stick really really well with just ONE wipe! they dont  really smell nice or have a smell really! 

MUA Lash Boom Mascara

this is a good mascara but i think its a very 'wet mascara and i had too dry it off a little bit, but it makes my lashis really long but sometimes alittle too long, so i use a different mascara over too dim it down alittle

5. Simple Conditioning Eye Make-Up Remover

does the job i need it too, just pat it on you eyes a couple of times, and it melts of all the eye make up! i love it and it doesnt even burn my eyes like other makeup remover so that good!

 6. Valupak multivitamin and iron tablets

 These are really good make me feel so much better and think they have been helping with my hayfever so thats amazing! they just taste so horrrible it make me feel sick for a while


7. Wilko Hair Mist Shimmer FruityTropical

This has been every where with me! the smell it so nice, and it makes my hair look so much shinner and give my blonde hair a beach look i adore it!!! go buy it!!!


 8. Lint roller

i bought this after seeing a primark haul and though oh ill give that ago and im so glad i did, it gets ride of all the cat hair and human hair (mine) i just adore it! AND it doesnt even pull at my tights or leggings an make them all booble so thats amazing too!



so thats was my june favorites! there will be a july one up very soon if the days and months keep going buy so fast!