Thursday, 24 July 2014

Want need wear read.

I did have another post planned untill my laptop over heated and died! and i lost my notes :( poo! so i saw this on a couple of blogs and thought i would at least give you something too read! i dont no wht but i have had really bad writers block the last week i think its this thing in the sky turning my brain and though's too mush! so i really am sorry i have been a very bad blogger! but we have alot planned so i will trt my hardist! i promise. i will be married 8 years on monday and i can really say i married my bestfriend, i will spam you with my wedding photo's on monday as a little treat and a none hair dyed younger heather! whar a treat aye ;p so lets get too the post before i ramble my head of about random things.

want: i really want a lovely pair of pastle colored shorts alittle like this but alittle longer and not 'hotpants' can you really see me walking around with my fat bum in them beautys or i would buy these i adore that they are blue acid wash too and high waisted too hide all my fatty bits.

need: too go too japan! and be an anime character for the day, and maybe even move there forever ;p

wear: Pjs forever if i could wear these for the rest of my life i would be more than happy forever! lol they are adorable! and these too match  i cant even...

read: i really want too read the book water for elephants it sounds amazing! i must must must bye it soon! i really do, please remind my on the hashtag #heathermustread and even add some books for me if you like i love reading !
Much love'