Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Things that make me feel renewed

this is a list of things i love doing too make me feel like i have been kinda renewed? its the strange little things in live that just make you feel really refreshed! and 'renewed'

  1.  Cleaning: i adore cleaning! but once the whole flat is clean, it just makes you feel really happy and refreshed! 
  2.   hot shower: there is nothing better than the clean feeling when youve been cleaning all day or out in the 'realworld' 
  3. new clothes:   I love getting in new pijamas! or legging and a nice new top, it just makes you feel more happy cos you have alittle bit more too work with! 
  4. CLEAN BEDDING:! yep cap's i lovee this more than anything in the world! lol, 
  5. I know this sounds strange but reading a book and finished it getting a new book and just starting too get too know the new people in the book
  6. freshly washed hair
  7. new candles
  8. cleaning out all your clutter!
  9. fresh new candle! 

 whats your favorite way too feel renewed?

lots of love.