Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Things to do this winter

Hello my darlings! hope you all okay! im cuddled up in bed with some walm vimto, waiting for the pain killers too kick in and have what seems like more sleep, so as im writing this i have a hot water bottle and a walm drink which made me have alittle idea for a fun post for the winter months  so lets get too the fun stuff!! 

1. Cuddle up with a nice cup of tea/hotchocolate, and your favorite dvd or book! maybe even try some of these yummy recipys! 

2. Bake lots of yummy treat! and maybe even rap them up all pretty and give them out as little winter gift's ( or just eat them yourself hehe )

3. Find some xmas sales and stock up on treats/pressys for people, there are lots of shops that you can go too that have discount all year round that you can just got too a nab amazing pressys!  OR keep your pjs on and do it online!

4. Mail a handmade card too a family/friend and make it all xmasy wintery

  5. Have a holiday! yep! go somewhere warm! who needs winterrr? have a walm xmas on the beach with a bbq!!  :p
i can dream carnt i lol!

6.  A movie marathon

7. Holiday craft fair

8.Make a winter journal
9. Go for a winter walk when it snowing
10.  watch frozen and go build a snow man!

Theres so many i can think of but i would be going on forver!