1O Random facts about me!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

  1. i have two cat's
  2. Im married
  3. I hate feet!!
  4. Im a size 3 foot
  5. Im allergic too cat's
  6. I would love too be a writer
  7. I have a s3 note
  8.  I cannot tell the time on a 12hr clock
  9. I love stationery 
  10. My natural hair color has red tones
I Tagged hazle and poppy! and anybody else who would love too do this tag even if you just want too write it and not YouTube it xx

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2 little love notes.

  1. Haha I'm allergic to cats too! even though I really want one as a pet at some point :S
    And thanks, I'll do this tag as soon as I can! :D x