Sunday, 7 September 2014


  • reading: I read about the spoon theory! by christine miserandino’s i have read it more than once but its about an invisable illnesses reading the way she decribed them made me cry as i struggle with one myself and can never explain too people how i feel on a daily basis and she explained it so well! if you would like too read it you can here
    Christine Miserandino’s
    The Spoon Theory
  • writing: At mo im writing a couple of blog post idears for the next month!! yep i have so many ideas lets just hope i can write them down, i have had really bad writers block with being so ill, doctors still dont no what going on so dunno?
  • listening to: Katy perry - The One That Got Away i adore this song sooo much!!
  • thinking: About my health
  • smelling: Lol! nothing still
  • wishing: Tommy didnt have too go college tomorrow i want snuggles
  • hoping: My hips stops hurting
  • wearing: Shorts and a bagg t
  • loving: My kittys
  • wanting: Pain killers but ran out
  • needing to: Turn the heating on
  • feeling: Okay :)
  • clicking Laptop keys
 lots of love.