Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Bedroom/livingroom wishlist! // expensive taste addiction #1

Hii lovely's! im lay in bed and really wanted too blog and i just love a good wishlist!.. so today i thought i would do a bedroom addiction eek! love a good bedroom wishlist! lets get started with a little help from my favorite websitee! pinterest. 

this is a cheating post really it a take on how i would love my house and the layout will be peeerfect! when we get our new house, tom said i can decorate and choose how i would like the living room as that will be my work base for blogging, and were gonna convert one of the rooms intoo as study/man room for tom, then he can take all his 'boytoys' ouuta my perfect living room. :3 

So living room. // work space.

Bed room. 

so there are the thing i WILL be making my room, and living room like, so. excited. <3
next time it will be bathroom and kitching! lots of love xox