Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Little Things i love. #2

Hello lovely's i did a post not long ago about the little things i love you can read the post here  and so i thought i would do another part i adore these post, as you get too see my pretty little treasures and maybe even find some things you like yourself? so lets get starteddd:

Sleeping in: i adore being able just sleep, i always feel like i don't get enough sleep with my illness so when i get too sleep in and be cuddled in bed it just makes me feel a little bit more refreshed and more zingy!  if that's even a word? lol 

New underwear: i just adore stepping intoo a new item of underwear and it just makes you feel pretty and sexy and it even feel really cosy because its brand new! (look on victoria secret for new underwear)

 Fluffy socks:  the feeling of new fluffy sock's is amazing when, my feel are always cold so they come so in handy when i just need too feel that extra bit cosyer and walm, i have even been wearing them with my boots just for the extra warmth when i got out in the horrible cold weather we have started having again! 

Drawing:   art has always been a thing i adore, ever since being a little girl and sitting on my grandad's knee drawing all sorts, and who carnt love getting new stationary! 

Pizza: pizzzzzzzzaaaa is the god of foood! 

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