Thursday, 16 October 2014

Winterr day

yay! its getting cold!! eeee. i love this time of year, when you can make hot drinks and just snuggle up in your onesie and just cuddling, and cuddle your cat's so what have i been up too while i have been very antisocial and staying in cuddled up? ...

Making nice drinks: i have been making my very nice xmas day hot chocolate lately for my loved ones and i though i would share with you what i use. { aint i loooovely :') <3 } 'don't all say yes at once ;) xxx 

you will need PLAIN. hot chocolate powder, sugar, gingerbread syrup, cinnamon and milk.and a pan..

Pour a cup of milk intoo your pan, and add four teaspoons of hot chocolate powder, two teaspoons of sugar and cinnamon and a cap ful of the gingerbread syrup and keep string till it at the right temp you want it, { keep stirring it on a low heat or it will stick too the pan and taste burnt and it will take ages too come out of your pan } then when you have poured it intoo you favorite mug, add the spray cream, and the marshmallow's sprinkle with cinnamon and you are done!!  { enjoy } you dont need too add the end parts i dont always have them i like too be able too taste the yummy ness of the drink! 

and nothing better than a nice hot drink is too watch you favorite films here are a list of some of the films and music i have been getting back intoo from when i was younger

Girl interrupted ; Sweetest thing ; Bambi  ;now and then..


Jessica simpson -where you are ; Girl aloud - Ill stand by you ; 

i just adored them when i was younger and just re loved them again, what do you get up too when you have a cosy day in? { even though i went out too get some junk food 
such a naughty girl i had pizza tuesday but ooow well it winter hehe <3 

soo what is your favorite thing too do in the cold winter day's/night's?

Loaddds of love <3



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