Saturday, 22 November 2014

Christmas comes early!

so! my phone broke 2 week's ago and ive been miserable with out a good phone, or even a phone!! wah!! BUT this morning i hear tommy shout heather your brew's done, so i stumbled outa bed all sleepy too see a box and tommy hand's it too me and all sleeeply trying too open it i realise its quite heavvy too be something random that he normally gets me {which i love} and when i opend itt all i see is the little apple and scream alittle open it all the way too see a brand new iphone 5!!! i am behond happy i adore him soo much for getting my something ive always wanted, i always assumed he would not get me one as he hates apply bless him! soo today i have had a lovely day pictures too follow lots of love! xoxox


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