Tuesday, 4 November 2014


So today i thought i would write about something i find very tough in life { im really scared of writing this post out loud as i realist i do have a problem } i find it so hard too fit in, with my anxiety i feel really lonely, because when im in a crowed even if its my loved ones i just feel quite and little, even when they invite me places i make excuses, and just try too avoid people, i feel like a shut myself away from people, just because im scared of talking too people and just panic if i say the wrong thing and people get mad at me,  i always get upset when people dont invite me places, but deep down iknow it's my own fault because ive made excuses in the past, then it makes me feel really shitty and worthless, so i have decided too make a change! and just say yes, get myself out there a little bit and try too go places with people and just get out of my little comfort zone! i know i can do this and i will! first step is when people invite me places i will go :) 

so how do you beat this problem? you face it, stair straight at it.. { lets hope i can do this and feel alittle bit happyer }   i have been invited too a couple of blog meet ups in the last couple of months and ive said no, so next year if theres any near where i live, i will be saying yes! <3 i have done a post about what is agoraphobia, you can read it here:

lots of love xoxo