Saturday, 1 November 2014

Positive November Challenge.

Hii lovely's! hope your all okay?! so... i though about a little project i could do and share with you guys if you would like too join in that is? its going too be called 'positive November'  sound fun? then you are more than welcome too join in, and use the photo that is at the top of this blog, all you have too do is write 5 positive things a day, wither it's something silly too use and positive too you? this way you get something positive on you blog/facebook status, and you will be able too realize on a bad day the positive of your life/day. 

Reason behind this challenge 

So lately i have seen a loved one very upset and really just fed up, and from myself i know what depression is like! and lately people are really speaking out about there mental health but then there are people suffering in silence and are feeling ashamed about the way they have been feeling, and too be a don't think depression is a weakness, its just you have suffered for so long you just feel like you are giving up. so wither you are suffering in silence, or speaking your story out loud. i though i would be nice too write 5 little positive thing in your day, so you can look back and realize you do have some good things in your life, and that way when you feel like your having a bad day you can go back and remember the good things that are happening in your life, and it will give you some encouragement, or even if your not sad or feeling low you can still do this and realize what a darn good day your having.


All you have too do is add the photo at the top of your blog post that i have gave you with this blog post, and call it 5 little positive thing/ or positive November, and just write 5 positive things from the day or from your life, and this will start today 1.11.2O14 and will end on 3O.11.2O14  good luck and i hope you have fun! if you dont have a blog if you like you can do it as a facebook/twitter status just so you can still join in!  or if you would like it as a sidebar you can use this photo and link it too this blogpost

Lots of love xoxo