Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Pug Love.

hello lovelies! i hope that your all doing okay? sorry ive not been blogging as much been so busy, and trips too the doctors. but all is good in some ways, tommy just got back from london with my little brother, they has the best time ever! he brought me back alittle hello kitty beanie teddy..

so i heard tommy come back from college at around half 4 5: Oclock, and he said heather lock the cats up, me being worried did as he said, and then he told me too come out side, and there he was a little lost pug, he was all scared and just cuddley, so we though oh no, somebody has lost a pug poor owers, so we grabbed our coat too see if we could find an owner, but no look for ages, so we though okay we will go shop gets some dog food and take some photo's of him but on our way we here people shouting and we find his owner thankyou gosh! but there was 6 that got lost and 4 had been found, she was so happy when we walked him over, she started crying and hugging us i was so happy but then she told us there was still one more pug missing, we looked everywhere for her, but still there was no look, this lovely little dog is my dream dog and too have a cuddle of 5!! has made my day, i just hope that her little girl has been found. but they had ran from the home which was 4 miles (next village up from us) poor little thing's i named him bobby! <3