Wednesday, 3 December 2014

December! || Blogmas day 3

Happy blogmas day three!

Today is going too be about fun way's too decorate you christmas gift's i adore this part more than the actual buying of the presents! its just adding your own little bit of love in your gift's but i don't have any thing too wrap just yet! unless a wrap up london, {i paid for my hubby too go to London last month} but ill be doing xmas shopping on saturday and having another yummy hot chocolate from Costa! eee. 

so where do i get my inspiration for my xmas wrapping or any other types of gift wrapping? well my good old fateful pinterest! or you can use we heart it that's another one of my favourites, but today im sticking with pinterest as i already have some save in my favourites so lets get this wrapping party started woopwoop.. 

Here is a couple of ways where you can make it plain but creative:


Here is a couple of idea's if you want too traditional gift wrapping:

hope that's give you some good idea's how too wrap your gift's this year! when i get my gift's for people i will do a short post and add it too this post! if i remember {remind me} lots of love and christmas dust xoxo