Saturday, 6 December 2014

December! || Blogmas day 6

Happy Blogmas Day Six!

Today i had a lovely little christmas trip out, and had too get the little brother his birthday present, i just feel alot better that i have gone and got a couple of things instead of nothing, i have only one more pay day untill xmas so i need too get a move on and get the rest of the little bits, i love xmas even if tommy's the most biggist grinch ever haha, i was singing too all the xmas songs in the shop and hes like the grumby cat NO! haha bless him he doesnt like xmas at all lol! 

so here are a few instagram photos from today's little adventure! 

so what have you been upto lovely people? you all ready for xmas yet? lots of love and christmas dust <3 xoxo