Friday, 19 December 2014

Favorite's 2014 // Blogmas Day 19

A few little things I've been really loving the last month or so (November)  and some photos that I have been loving over the past year! I was going too wait till January too do this but I kinda got to excited too do a different post so here it is hehe. what been you favourite thing's of 2014. if you have done a post on it please link me. 

so my favourite photo out of 2014 has too be this one I just love how we both look so happy and healthy and my hair was beautiful do miss my red hair, who know's it might be making an appearance back when my hairs long:


Ed Sheeran - x you can buy it here if you are a i phone user: x-deluxe-edition

Katy Perry - All of the new songs she bought out really I have really been enjoying all her new albums her voice it just insane! 

Ellie Goulding

I have really been listening too the same stuff over and over again im so sad!  ha ha what's been your favourite? 


There's been so many apps I have liked this year wow! going from samsung too iphone as well its been a bit different but I can see the ones ive wrote down do here are the following, in no order:

editing: wow I have had so many different one I have loved for different reasons, that's why there is so many though right? sooo..
Insta collage was the only one i really loved on my samsung, but it was a very good app and everything was free too use,but I do have alot I love for my iphone, so here is these ones Pixlr, and Pic collage have been my life! they help so much with blog post and for my ig! they just add too the pretty ness and they are both free!!!
whatapp, ig, kindle app, thats all them tbh

Well to be honest I haven't changed my make up from last year (bought new ones), I hate trying new things as it just messes with my skins so this is what I use..  

MUA:  Cover And Conceal Wand: In Fair, MAC: mascara but i will not be able too get it next year as it was a present so it will be Back too be using, MUA: Lash Boom mascara in black and tbh that is all I really use on my face as I don't like much make up


Sword Art Online
Parasyte -the maxim-
Akame ga Kill!
Fairy Tail 
Yona of the Dawn
Gugure! Kokkuri-san
Is the Order a Rabbit?

 if there is anymore favorites you would like me too add before the end i will be doing an edit anyway just leave me a message below lot of love and christmas dust xoxo

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