Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Heart too heart. blogmas day 16

'DISCLAIMER ''If you've been reading my blog for the time its been up, then you will no how much blogging means too me, and lately I have had some messages from people in my blogging email asking if im okay as I don't seem too be my happy little blogger self but the truth is i adore it more than anything in the whole world, its just the fact that life has been a little bit of a struggle lately with my health and anxiety but the answer is YES! i do still intend too be blogging in 2015, im hoping too get back on my feel and re-vamp my beloved rejected 'PrettyLittleTeacupp' im sorry i have been a little distance I do love you all and blogging 2015 are what dreams are made of'' 

The Happy List.

So I realised I haven't done one of these in quite a while so I thought I would do one as im feeling quite poop today and I really love doing this as they always seem too make me put life in a happy way as you feel happy writing little happy list, these really has been a little heart too heart today! if you would like too see more of these kind of post, please just say or email me at xheatherlouisedillonx@gmail.com i adore getting email's from my readers even if they have been alittle sad lately. so lets get the happy party started.

1Christmas wrapping! I have been enjoying wrapping for quite a while that's what I look forward too when it's somebody's birthday or xmas I adore making all the presents all pretty if I could i would make a job out of it but I think i might stop loving it as much if i did that lol so that can just be alittle I secretly love ha ha im such a dork ha ha never mind lol.


2:  Family time,  these's nothing better than spending time with the people you love the most with xmas right around the corner it's nice too spend as much time with your loved one's as it kinda a hard time as there's loved ones that you just really wish was with you at that time and its really not a nice feeling, so spending extra time is what I love the most and you build bonds with family member's you not really got a bond with. 

3: Scented candles. im adoring the new one I have atm, its called layered winer candle, it has a layer of vanilla, layer of mulled wine and a layer of cinnamon its smells amazing! I'm burning it atm and its just sticks too the whole of the room even when you have been away for a couple of hr's when you come back you can still smell it in the room, for a pound from my local pound shop it's pretty good! I went back yesterday but they had all sold out! Boo Hoo! 

4: Cuddles with my little cat babys they have been so lovely the last couple of months while I have not been 100% they have sensed it and have been even more cuddly than normally I just adore them! 

LOTS AND LOTS of love and christmas dust and stay safe in this very slippy weather xoxo