Monday, 29 December 2014

New years revolution

So January 2015 is right around the corner which means new years revolution time! I just love that about a new start new year, even though every year you near enough set the same things as you did last year! but I just thought it would be fun too write mine down.

Draw More. // January I will be doing the 365 Days Drawing Challenge 

Exercise More. // Ill be starting the 30 day shred in January 

More Taekwondo // We will be doing 2 lessons a week, which will differently get my fitness levels ready for the championship in April.

Diet Again  // Well I have already cut out fizzy thing from my diet and been drinking alot more water and less tea and coffee, BUT I will be giving up daisy also 

Read More // I have already been reading a little bit more but I do want too read alot more than I have been ready as I really enjoy reading new finds I will more than likely be adding my book review tab back at the to where my pages are

Outdoor's // Take my camera and go on little walks and get out more, at the start of the year I was getting out alot more but then I had a little bit of a set back and I kinda cam tumpling down  

Blog // Make the second year better than last year do alot more powerful blog post

what have you go planned for next year? :) lots of love xoxo