Friday, 8 January 2016

Letter for my grandaddy

 it's been awhile aint it? this isnt going to be a happy post tbh I will more than likely be a total mess after writing this. BUT im going to write it as its took me a month to decide that i need to write this not only for me but for him. 

so on the fourth of december tom got a phone call from my little brother, i asked what was wrong and tom just couldn't tell me straight away he took me to another room (as we had friends over) he sat me down and told me that my grandad has died, i didn't know how to feel i just started crying and hitting things then my sisters knocked on as they were at the church doing a xmas thing for the village and we just holded each other and cried, ive never felt so empty in my whole life losing my grandad is the thing i had never expected, you think about it but never really expect it too happen i feel like my whole world has come crashing down on me, he was my whole world and i loved him so much! he was like a second dad to me i loved him with every little heartbeat! he was a very special man and he was loved by the whole of his family, the word family meant to much to him, every time he saw one of his family members the first thing he would do is grab them by the face and give them the world's biggest kiss the ILY you at the end of family was really what he felt for each and everyone! he taught me so much in my life, he is the reason i love drawing and photography, i am so glad that he left such an amazing gifted.. you had such a beautiful smile and face that would light up every single room you walked in you were a beautiful soul and still will be for the rest of my life  im going to be nothing with out you grandad you will always be my hero!  the wind beneath my wings! good night and god bless my shining star!