Sunday, 10 April 2016

five good things a week #1

so I thought today i would start something that is going to be a weekly thing! i have seen them on a couple of blogs and thought i would give it ago, so the post will be scheduled for every every sunday! so that way there is something that will go up weekly! how exciting ? 

spending time with my family in manchester and seeing parts of london, and meeting up with somebody we have none for some time.

coming home to my lovely kittys after being away from them for nearly a week! and seeing they have grown a little


having a little bit of time from college to clear my mind and just be able to relax before all the hecticness of exams coming up! eeek

finding a bubble bath that makes your skin feel nice and doesn't give you a itchy rash like most of the other bubble baths i have used in the past

a brand spanking new blog theme to get your into a little bit of an inspiration to start you bloggings again! 

hope you liked my little blog post! i will see you again soon lots of love xoxo