Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Today's little haul!

So today i decided to pop in to some  little beauty shops to see what beauty bargains i could find, as i love little bargain buys, I originally went in for some thin boobles as ive been running out and losing them like no business,  i found some lovely little pastel colors and just couldn't say no! so i carried on looking and come across some very very good bargains, and a very lighter purse haaha, but all in all was a good little hunt.

pastel bobbles  £1 - discount uk 

owl cup!! <3 £1 - discount  uk 

cherry body lotion 5Op! 9 its was out of a set - discount uk  

miss beauty nail polish £1 each - rose pink, and ruby pink - discount uk 

 alberto balsam shine spray £2.99 - asda

garnier skin naturals micellar cleansing water £3.50 - asda 

sure roll on deodorant - £2 - asda 

so thats my little bargain buy of the day!  lots of love xoxo