Sunday, 18 March 2018

Sunday currents

  • reading:    w i t ☾ h  by Lisa Lister she explains the history behind witchcraft.  Buy me 
  • writing:  I have been writing all my feelings down in my pretty little notepad, its been really helpful with my anxiety, they say its always good to get them from your heart and chest so that it doesn't turn poisonous   
  • listening toEd Sheeran 
  • thinking:  About the big blog post I've been working on, it's about my anxiety and how i deal with it everyday I'm really nervous about the post so I'm trying to make it perfect before i post it so it's going to be a while till i post it 
  • smelling: coffee just made my babe and me a lovely cuppa 
  • wishing:  for use not to get snow lol! 
  • hoping: For our plans to become a reality 
  • wearing:  Cactus top and tartan trousers and big massive socks 
  • loving: Frankie and grace on Netflix click here  
  • wanting: Sunn!!! for my monkey to feel better he suffers from s.a.d (seasonal affective disorder)
  • needing to: Go have my iron tablet 
  • feeling: Quite happy today 
  • clicking The mouse and laptop keys.

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