Thursday, 30 May 2013

{ Letters at midnight }

Hello darlings,

hope that you are well? so lately i have been doing alot of theme making (graphic design) for some friends and some random people, and i have decided too make up another separate blog? just for theme request and graphic design? because i adore making them so much and the joys from the people i help! i have seen alot about but i have noticed that alot of them charge? so i have decided too do it for free! :D yep that's right not a penny out of your pocket!! so what do you guys think? feed back would be muchly appreciated.

i have missed blogging like this! i spent alot of time in a really strange mood where blogging seemed too much? and didn't really want too fill my blog with depressing post! so ive decided too try my hardist too blog every single day! even if its just a couple of photos of a 'a day in photos' that way i will stick too it and will have all my happy memories jotted down some where beloved.

so as you all no we are just getting intoo summer!! <3 which mean allergy's  funfunfun 'achooo'   so how do you deal with hey fever?  im allergic too the tablets you can take for it so for me its just going all natural! and not taking anything which means headaches! yayy* if any of you have anyway of 'curing' hey fever i would be so happy for you too share with me. But the goood thing about summer is all the pretty scenery and all the ice cream and laughter and the warm walks and all the animals that come out of the hiding places, and walm nights in the garden with cold drinks. what's your favourite drinks too have in the summer? mines got too be a cold glass of lemonade with a pretty straw and lots of ice! 

Anyway my lovelys its time too go and watch a film with my husband. 

much love xoxo

( for some reason this post took me 45mins too right )