Sunday, 2 June 2013

{ 10 things too do when stressed }

1) Listen to your favourite music - makes you feel better and alot more calm
2) Talk to someone who makes you feel better - they will try and cheer you up
3) read one of your favourite books/magazines - buts your mind in a differant mind frame and helps forget all your problems
4) take a hot shower or hot bubble bath - helps you unwind 
5) light a candle - makes you feel verrry calm and relaxed 
6)  take a nap - you will wake up in a better happyer mood
7) take a walk - gets you out of the house 
8) blog - its therapeutic and its a escape from reality 
9) watch something funny - will make you laugh and laughting is the best medication you can have
10) massage - helps you have new happy energy and makes you feel really good 
11) meditate or try some yoga - will make you feel so much calm and happy and will clear all the bad thoughts you have been having 
12) have a piece of chocolate - realises endorphins which are made too make you feel happy