Friday, 21 June 2013

{ Endometriosis }

(copywrited to google search endometriosis pains)

hello darlings! today im doing a health post, as this is really close too my heart and to alot of other girlies iknow, so im going too start. So This is going too be a post about a disease called Endometriosis which is a condition in which cells from the lining of your uterus appear and flourish outside of the uterine cavity. There is no cure for Endometriosis, but you can get treated for it in many different ways, such as pain medication, hormonal treatments and even surgery, This is a very uncomfortable problem which causes you too be in alot of pain, very heavy painfull periods, lower pains in the tummy and lower back and pelvis, lack of sleep due too pain, lack of energy, depression and fertility problems in over 2 millions women in the uk! including myself. So i thought i would give you some tips on how too feel a little bit better and how too help with the pain and the very horrible bloated tummys! so this is taken from a magazine i have, and found from 2.different doctors and review i have read too find out what they use too help and ease the pain of the endo witch! 

1. heat and comfort:  run a nice hot bath and add some of your favourite radox, this will help your stress levels and pain levels go down ton's as your body will feel much better from the heat, once you get out make yourself an nice hot water bottle or heat pad and a nice camomile tea, this is none too help with endometriosis because its is good for calming and destressing (The uterus reacts to stress almost instantly) and then get in too your most comfy pyjamas you have and maybe read a book or cuddle up and go to sleep, sleep is goof for building your strength back together 

2. painkillers: get some non steroidal inflammatory tablet, they will act in different  ways and help with the swelling of your uterus and help with the every day pains (co-codamol & iburprofen)  but try not getting anything with codeine as  it can cause constipation and pelvic congestion, useing this tablet may make the pains worse 

3. Yoga! lot and lots of the stuff! lol, yogo helps by relaxing all the nurves in your body. try this, works amazing, ive been doing the bound angle pose along time. clickhere this will help by opening and stretching the adomen and pelvis, use these poses when your pain is very bad, your feeling bloated or your in a little bit of discomfort.

4. Stick too a healthy diet: meaning fresh fruit and veg, and lots of water cleansing your body and dexox will help fight all the unwanted body pollution. 

5. Lay of: or try and cut down on alcohol and coffee and tea this will always make the cramps more worse due too the caffeine, because it speeds up your body processes which makes cramps worse!

6. Lots of cosy clothes, such as pj pants, leggings, joggers, shorts, or even i nice onesey!  (if your planning on staying in)

So i hope this post helped your, if it did i would love too hear from you and tell me what your think, and do you thuk i should do some more health post?  Bye bye dollys xoxox


1. No heating pad or hot water bottle? Use your blow dryer on low heat! It works, and the sound of the dryer will help you to relax. You can also use your overheated laptop.

2. Eliminating any gas will make your cramps less powerful, as less pressure is being put on your abdomen. Try gas releasing yoga moves such as: laying straight on your back, bending your knee to your chest, and pulling your leg inward.

3. Play calming music, breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth. Think about your favorite place, imagine yourself there.

4. Take a nap; it distracts you and calms your muscles.

5. Consider the aromatherapy to help you relax, something such as lavender essential oil in your bath, in an oil burner or just sniffing from the bottle.
Massage some magnesium oil or gel into your lower abdomen. Helps to relieve muscle cramping.

6. Consider drinking or eating these foods and beverages to help soothe cramps:
Drink a lot of water. Keep 4 or 5 water bottles near you. Drinking water helps cramps.

7. Eat bananas. The potassium helps reduce cramps.

8. Drink chamomile tea or any caffeine-free tea. Drink hot tea with lemon. Hot chocolate is also good.

9. Eat calcium and magnesium rich foods/beverages. Take in a lot of those in milk, cheese, yogurt, and supplements too. The calcium in milk and dairy products help to clam muscles and relieve cramps. Athletes use milk to help tired muscles after workouts. Or take calcium and magnesium supplements every day for 2-3 months. You should start noticing a significant reduction in pain and nausea after this time. Don't stop taking the supplements once you feel better - you need a constant supply to feed your tired uterine muscles.

10. Dark chocolate helps in relieving pain.

11. Take a hot shower or bath. Point the shower head directly at your abdomen. Take a hot bath and fill up the tub so that your abdomen is covered just slightly then place a towel over the cramped area. It helps keep the heat trapped and is very soothing.

12. Lie back in a recliner with a heating pad on your abdomen and a light blanket tossed on top with your iPod and lose yourself in the music.

13. Eat something before taking tablets as if you don't it may make you vomit or feel worse than before you took it. If you're going to take a pill, take it right away. Don't give yourself time to get nauseous, or you may not be able to keep the pill down.

(copywrited to google search endometriosis pains)