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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

hello darlings! So today i thought i would do a 'what makes a good blog' post! By this post im not saying im the best and i no what the perfect blog is, but i have been blogging (with different blog) for about 6 years, i have been flicking around alot of new blogs the last couple of weeks, and i found that people with cheerful themes and cute backgrounds and post have the most follower, but i have also found that alot of 'unique' type blogs have alot of followers? so that tells me, its doesn't really matter about what the theme looks like or even the blog, its the people behind the blog, the person that Put all the time and effort into what they are writing, i find if you write about your lifestyle, what you have been up too on a daily basis that what ill help. 

So back too the question what makes a good blog? i think the answer is, if you make something good too read they will always come back too your blog too see where your journeys goes next, wither your post is long or short if your getting your story out there they  will come back. try too write a post everyday, even if its just a 'day in instagram' or a 'whats in my bag' you are blogging! and filling it with parts or you, that people want too get too know.

Using photos:  will help your views open there mind too what you've been eating or, what your home time looks like in the snow! its help feel like they are apart of you're life, and inspires them, but! if you are using other peoples photos, (from google) make sure that you have pointed out that the photo is not yours. 

Responding:  too your followers comments will also help build up a sense of kindness and and helping your 'readership'  with that follower  also you could consider your views by, thinking who they are, what age are they, how are they reading your blog, where did they find you & figure out away of making your words speak too them.

What is your post: what will interest them, what do they want too no about your post? are your trying too get a point or a argument or review across?  then make sure you think about what you want the post too be about and how it will start and end? maybe get a note pad and write down your ideas before you post it online? that way it will turn out how you intended it to. this will also stop unwanted ramblings.

Hope that this post helped& if you feel like i missed something please feel free too comment below 

byebye dollys. oxox

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3 little love notes.

  1. Love this post, i agree with it all! I've come across many blogs where bloggers don't respond to the readers when they comment, so I don't feel like it's 'personal'. And for using google pictures, I've seen loads where they don't say where they sourced the picture, or even some try to claim the pictures as their own!

    Great post

  2. Thankyou! babe, means alot
    yeah thats my pet hate when they add it and dont say where its from, i make sure all the photos are mine on her unless, they aint then i will always say where they are from! :) xxxx