Wednesday, 3 July 2013

{ 5 things ive learnt from blogging }

1. You cannot buy your followers! (not that iknow of ) you have too go out and find them, and if they like your blog then you will get a very nice follower! and that follower will make other people follow you from other blogs that follow them.

2. you dont need too be a 'sheep' and you dont need too blog too inpress, write whats from your heart and dont copy whats the latest blogging, blog what you want too blog and see how it goes from there who knows you may become on of the best bloggers out there. anything is possible dolly

3. you are not an expert! you may no more than some, but you may also no less then some, dont think your better, and always reply too you lovely followers what gets me the post, when theres 'internet famous' people think there better than other bloggers and dont think they should reply cos they hardy have any followers, where all the same and our blogs are our own unique style

4. keep blogging, you get into a good pattern and you stick too it, even if its just a little post about your day or what you ate that day. or maybe follow these latest  'blog for all of july' that way your filling your blog and getting a whole month of your life down, good days or bad days, it gives use something too read  

5. there is always going too be someone very jealous of your blog! ive had some harassing inbox's the last couple of days which have been very pointless and unessersery. dont let them bring you down.

Bye bye dollys xoxox