Monday, 8 July 2013

{ My personal tips on dealing with depression }

Depression can be really draining, and can really cause conflict in your daily life. I know I am not the only one who suffers from it, so I wanted to make a post on how you could cope with it.
Reminders & Being Organized - Buy an organizer, and write the most important tasks that need to be completed. Set up deadlines for yourself. Don’t take to much extra challenges on at a time, or else you’ll just be stressed out! If you’re still in school, and your friends have different priorities then you, just explain to them about your goals and what you like doing with them, and what you don’t. So when they do activities you enjoy, you can join them. When they do other activities, take this time to catch up on your personal tasks.

Keeping track - Blogging is very therapeutic, because you can share the ups and down of your day, and sometimes people can relate to you. Also, if you write down what stressed you out during the day, you can see if it’s a pattern and then make a change. Keep what makes you happy.

Loving who you are - You are better then cutting, pills, and any other self harm methods. Have a positive reminder hanging somewhere in your room, or space where you spend the most time.  Write down one thing you like about yourself, one accomplishment you made, what made you feel confident and what was the nicest thing someone said to you that day. This will send more positive vibes. If you struggling with addiction, please know it’s alright to go get help! People that want to help you are out there.

Ignoring the bad -  When I say this, I mean the negative comments that were made towards you. If you notice a pattern of rude things being said by the same people - ignore them, and find people who will  love you for you. Delete, and block them on any social networking site. Block their number, and know you deserve better.

Dealing with the breakdowns - Call someone text someone or be with someone who you trust. Have them talk to you until youre better. i talk too my husband or close mate but  if you have no one you can message me. I will talk to you night or day :)  maybe drink lots of water focus on your breathing, and cry - or scream to release any negative energy.

Having depression doesnt make you a weak person in fact all the stuff you are fighting for and still love to tell the story your quite amazing!  you deserve to be here :) your are  not crazy, and it does not make you a bad person or any less than a person it also isn’t your fault its just a disorder in ur body like a chemical imbalance sometimes you can  take medical to help you balance things back out but you can also go day by day getting by with it urself? i have since the age of 14! so i promise you from the bottem of my heart that YOU are not alone

byebye dollys xoxo