Thursday, 18 July 2013

{ Quite day followed by noisy night }

hello darlings!!
its been a couple of days since my 'emotionalpost' and today i thought i would make a more cheerful post, today has been a little quite day inside i just pop'ed out too order my medication and thats about it. i have made my bedroom all girlie and pretty! as its was just plan and very 'bare' so i opened up all my draws and found all my favourite lip balms and nail vanish and made my room all pretty! i have also completed my wall art full of my favorite photo memory's, i will maybe take photos and uplode them on here but i really dont like showing of my personal space on the internet, as i want some stuff too be very secret and not too personal is that just me or am i strange? 

but then its got later and my brother has come too stay so all i can her is bombombo ddddd bangbangbang aeeeeeggh,... so my nice quite day has turned in too a noisy murder scene!   (they are playing cod and borderlands3) so its a verry loud night. so i think im going too leave this post very short make some super and head too bed with my kittys and book where its nice a quite bye bye dollys xoxo